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Quality and affordable chimney specialists in Cork, contact RoofRite today.


As well as fantastic roofers, RoofRite has some of the best chimney specialists in Cork. Our team has a diverse skillset, able for many services adjacent to roofing.

For our chimney services, we provide the same level of care, attention and professionalism that make our roofing projects great.

To get your quote for repairs by some of the best chimney specialists in Cork, contact RoofRite today.

Chimney Repair Cork

A chimney adds personality to a home, while also functioning alongside a heat source such as a fireplace. Unfortunately, structural damage can occur from harsh weather or long-term usage.


At RoofRite, we can detect and easily repair your chimney, internally or externally. With our chimney repairs in Cork, not only will it function like brand new, but it will become one of the finest looking aspects of your household.


Due to the high placement of most chimneys, we are able to take advantage of our drone technology. Our drones are able to capture footage of chimney damage and disrepair from a distance without needing to set up climbing equipment. This allows us to better assess the repairs or cleaning needed and will help the repair process go much quicker

To learn more about our chimney repairs in Cork, contact RoofRite today.

Chimney Cleaners Cork

Whether it’s external or internal, chimneys are one of the most exposed elements of your house. It’s important for chimney cleaning to be done regularly to keep it operating as usual, and looking superb.

RoofRite’s Cork chimney cleaners take care of scrubbing and clearing all debris and stains from your chimney system. Using only the finest supplies and techniques, our team is well equipped to get your chimney back to working order.

To hear about what our team of chimney cleaners in Cork can do for you, contact RoofRite today.

Chimney Sweep at Cork Coast

Even if RoofRite isn’t based on your town, our services extend to all of county Cork. Our catchment areas include West Cork, Cork City and even providing chimney sweeps to Cork Coast towns.

No matter if you’re in Cork city or Cobh, the services we provide are the same no matter the location. Your chimney will still receive expert attention for outstanding prices.

To learn more about chimney sweeps at Cork Coast towns, Cork City and more, contact RoofRite today.

Chimney Specialists Cork FAQ

Where can I find chimney specialists near me?

No matter your location in Cork, RoofRite is prepared to repair your roof, chimney and more. We offer our services to both urban and rural areas.

How often should I clean my chimney?

Whenever possible, you should clean your chimney on a regular basis. In order to get the best possible results, and to stretch your time out between each clean, we recommend availing of our professional chimney cleaning services.

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