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Excellent flat roof repairs for affordable prices, contact RoofRite today.


At RoofRite, we specialise in the repair of flat roofs in Cork, in both Cork city and rural areas. We provide both traditional flat roof repair such as fixing leaks and fixing unique materials such as fibreglass roofs.

Our team of experienced and efficient roofers will repair your flat roof to the highest standard, all for an affordable price and quick turnaround.

To get a quote for flat roof repairs, contact RoofRite today.

Fibreglass Roof

As well as traditional flat roofs, RoofRite also repairs and installs fibreglass roofs. The advantage they provide is that they are stronger than traditional flat roof materials, while also providing the bonus of being waterproof.

Our fibreglass roof options come in all shapes and sizes. They are robust and long-lasting options that will make your roof look great while also being resilient to the elements.

To learn about installing or repairing fibreglass roofs, contact RoofRite today.

Flat Roof Leaking

The most inconvenient roof damage can be a leaking flat roof. If not quickly attended to, this can cause expensive roof repair and replacements.

At RoofRite, we offer quick and simple flat roof leaking repairs. While repairing select areas, we examine other areas that could be prone to leaks, and make future-proof repairs to ensure your roof stays sturdy and long-lasting.

To quickly seal and repair your flat roof leaking, contact RoofRite today.

Felt Roof Repairs

As well as flat roof repairs, we also do felt roof repairs. Felt roofs typically last ten to twenty years depending on the quality of the initial installation.

At RoofRite, we are experts in repairing and replacing felt roofs. While doing basic repairs, we can discuss torch-on felt methods to increase the security and resilience of your felt roof and extend its lifespan.

To get a quote for felt roof repair, contact RoofRite today.

Flat Roof Repair Cork FAQ

Where can I find flat roof repair near me?

At RoofRite, we serve Cork city and rural areas such as Midleton, Buttevant and Mallow.

What flat roof materials do you work with?

We work with fibreglass, rubber and felt roofs primarily, but our experienced team is ready to discuss repairs for niche roof material types.

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