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For the best repairs in roof slates and tiling in Cork, contact RoofRite today.


Whether your roof has slates or tiling, Cork’s RoofRite knows how to fix it. Experienced with repairing all sorts of weather, abrasive, water damage and more, our roofers know more than one way to fix your roof.

Fixing a slate or tile roof helps give your building a consistent and smooth finish, and our team is ready to take your roof to the next level.

To get a quote for repairing your roof slates or tiling in Cork, contact RoofRite today.

Roof Slates

Our team at RoofRite is experienced with repairing all kinds of roof slates. Some previous examples include tegral slates and berona slates.

The roof slates we repair come in a wide variety of styles, patterns and colours. As such, so do our repairs. We want to make sure the structural, material and aesthetic qualities of your roof slates remain intact, and our materials, technique and experienced staff are on hand to help.

The drone technology available at RoofRite lets us inspect damage at a much closer level without needing to set up ladders or lifts to reach the roof. The remote operation lets us take pictures of any potential damage, while also seeing if there are any undiscovered issues such as leaking.

To make your roof slates look good as new, contact RoofRite today.

Tiling Cork

When it comes to tiling in Cork, RoofRite remains one of the best options for your home. We offer cracked tile repair for any damage caused by recent harsh weather or structual damage.

Specifically, we make sure your ridge tiles remain intact, presentable and long-lasting with minimum upkeep. The peripheries of your roof are just as important as the centre, and we strive to give your roof a complete, consistent look. The combination of our well-trained roofers and advanced drone inspection technology will help you get your tiled roof looking spectacular.

To learn more about our superb tiling in Cork city and rural towns, contact RoofRite today.

Roof Slates & Tiling Cork FAQ

Where can I find tiling repair near me?

Although we might not be in your town, don’t hesitate to call us. RoofRite is ready to offer our services to anyone in County Cork, no matter your location or household type.

What sort of slates have you repaired previously?

Our team of professional roofing experts have repaired berona slates, tegral slates and many more. Contact us today to see what we can do for your building.

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