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Efficient and professional gutter repairs, contact RoofRite today.


At RoofRite, our gutter repair services are known for their rapid turnaround and reliability. Throughout our ten years of experience in roofing and gutter repairs, we have worked on a wide variety of gutter materials and houses.

Regardless of what damage or gutter type you have, we provide the same high-quality service for each premise.

To get a quote for our gutter repair services, contact RoofRite today.

PVC Gutter

We specialise in repairing PVC gutters. PVC gutters have a distinct and traditional look and feel. Although damage does occur, PVC material is natrually sturdy. Once RoofRite installs or repairs a PVC gutter for you, we promise low upkeep and virtually no repainting needed.

To learn about our PVC Gutter Repairs, contact RoofRite today.

Leaking Gutter Joint

Leaking gutter joints occur for many reasons, due to poor installation quality or material. They can also occur after exposure to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or wind.

At RoofRite, we use high-quality material and sealing gutter techniques to fix all gutters quickly and reliably. Not only will we fix any gutter leaks we detect, but also make sure your gutter system is resilient to any kind of damage.

To get quick repairs for your leaking gutter joint, contact RoofRite today.

Downpipe Repair

A crucial part of any gutter system is the downpipe. Downpipes funnel rainwater from roof guttering to another location, such as a drainage system or sewer.

At RoofRite, we repair any inconsistencies or faults in downpipes connected to gutter systems.

To get quick repairs for your leaking gutter joint, contact RoofRite today.

Gutter Repairs Cork FAQ

Where can I find gutter repair near me?

We provide gutter repair in Cork city, as well as gutter repair in rural areas such as Douglas, Mallow, Carrigaline.

What types of gutter do you repair?

We repair all kinds of gutters and downpipes, PVC gutters, aluminium, cast iron and more.

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